Expected Outputs

Collection of best practices of integration of people with disabilities through watersports
We will collect best practices of integration of disabled people through wartersports, including all the different possible sports. The research will be lead in the participating countries, but also including other European countries where relevant. The practices will be described by different means, like in text form, or video, and will include the descriprion of the methodology used.


Training course for operators of aquatic disciplines
The training course will include three thematic areas:

  • pillar aspects to deepen the importance of watersport for disabled persons;
  • sport disciplines and activities in the field of watersport for inclusion of disabled people;
  • communication and teaching skills for operators working for includione of disableb through watersport.

Coordinator: UPS


Manual for teaching to disabled persons in the watersport
The manual will include the contents of the training course and some of the best practices collected.