Università Popolare dello Sport

ASD UpterSport – Università Popolare dello Sport (UPS) was started in 1994 to promote physical activity,
sport and wellness in Adult Education and Long Life Learning.

Their mission is to spread the meaning of movement as a way to increase individual health, to consider body awareness as a value in personal and social life, to live the environment respecting nature and biodiversity.

Activities include different areas:

1. Classes for all the people without age limits
A wide range of courses and learning activities. UPS looks at the Long Life Learning as an opportunity to live a healthy life with body awareness, personal wellness and better social relationships.

2. Training Courses: Shiatsu, Yoga, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Sport Management
UPS Schools promote a training towards new professions, where natural techniques, wellness, body movement and prevention are the main goals.

3. Phisical Activities training for trainers: Soft Gym, Postural Gym, BLSD (Basic Life Support Defibrillation)
These proposals are ment for professionals (teachers, social and sport operators etc.) that want to enrich their knowledge in health and wellness disciplines.

4. In-depth Workshops
They represent an opportunity to integrate our basic courses with more specific aspects of each discipline.

5. Nature and Environment
UPS promotes trekking, journeys, week-long wellness sessions and other kind of events aimed at the respect of the environment, nature conservancy and ecological education. The association also offers the opportunity to study and visit archeological and artistic sites.

6. Orientation Services and Counseling
UPS organizes an Open Sport Week with free lessons and conferences addressed to people who want to know more about physical activity and wish to be oriented in their sporting choice. Our counseling service is opened throughout the year.

7. Educational Wellness Center
This is a space for those who want to deepen some physical and wellness activities in an individual classes, which is very useful to focus intervention on prevention and individual psycho-physical health.