4th International Meeting (July 1-2, 2018)

Our fourth meeting has been hosted by Associação Recreativa Cultural e Social de Silveirinhos, in S. Pedro da Cova, Gondomar and Porto on July 1-2, 2018.

The project team worked on the following issues:

  • State of art of the project – Selected partners presented the results of their activities for the training module, and they have discussed the traning exercises effectiveness. Attendees had the chance to discuss results, ask questions and make remarks.
  • Documentation – Methods for the collection of good practices and for the final outlines of the final documentations have been set. Particulary, InDive manual and training module outputs have been designed in detail.
  • Dissemination – Completed and to-complete actions for dissemination and sustainability of the project have been discussed. Deadlines have been set.
  • Activities and workshops – The hosting Partner presented an activity for experiencing adapted surfing for people with disability; they also presented two workshops, one on theatre and one on yoga.
  • Discussions – Each activity has been preceded by the Partner’s presentation and followed by a round of discussion and thoughts, and/or Q&A on the activities programme up to that point.