Segundo encontro internacional (6-8 Julho, 2017)

(Documentação disponível em inglês.)

Our second meeting has been hosted by Associação Recreativa Cultural e Social de Silveirinhos, in Porto, on July 6-8, 2017.

The project team worked on the following issues:

  • Opening Meeting – The activities for the meeting are presented to the team. All the Partners introduced results of their own research work; attendees had the chance to discuss results, ask questions and make remarks.
  • Workshops – The hosting Partner presented several workshops the participants could attend: Tibetan singing bowls, thermal water activities, water korfball, adapted rowing and adapted surf.
  • Presentations and discussions – Each activity and workshop has been preceded by the Partner’s presentation and followed by a round of discussion and thoughts, and/or Q&A on the activities programme up to that point.